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The Business Law Firm of

Joseph B. Heimovics, P.A. in Weston, FL

Joseph B. Heimovics, P.A. is a boutique law firm in Weston, FL that provides the quality of big firm representation, but with the personal touch that only a small law firm can provide. Joe Heimovics has spent years developing and maintaining relationships with his clients and in 2010 opened his own law firm to provide a greater level of attention and service for these clients. Joe makes it a priority to meet his client’s needs and providing quality and sound legal advice.

Joe works with his clients on various legal matters, but primarily focuses his practice on both commercial litigation and business transactions, with particular emphasis in the areas of corporate, banking, real estate and construction law. Joe has recently began working with businesses on obtaining approval for alternative financing arrangements, which includes financing through investors who seek EB-5 Visas, factoring companies and non-institutional lenders. Joe is also a certified Circuit Court mediator and has the authority to preside over mediations that are Court ordered or upon the request of disputing parties.

No matter how big or small the issue may be, Joe makes himself available and will take that extra effort to ensure his client’s needs are met. Joe provides legal guidance to his clients when legal issues arise. If a client has a question, they know that they can contact Joe and he will provide a quick response. If a client has legal needs, they know that they can count on Joe to provide sound legal representation in a timely manner.

If a dispute arises between a client and another party, Joe will do what’s in the best interests of his client. If possible, Joe will first attempt to negotiate a resolution that it in his client’s best interests, but if necessary, Joe has the experience and tenacity to zealously represent his client should a lawsuit be filed.

If a client needs a legal document prepared or reviewed, Joe has the experience and aptitude necessary to perform the necessary legal work to ensure that his client’s interests are met. Joe takes pride in his work and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that his client’s receive top notch work product.

Please feel free to contact the business law firm of Joseph B. Heimovics, P.A. for a consultation to discuss all of your legal needs.

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