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Philosophy & Services

Joseph B. Heimovics, P.A. is a full service business law firm providing its clients with personalized attention and service. The firm places a particular emphasis on representing businesses and individuals in all facets of corporate, banking, real estate, and construction law. Whether it’s preparing corporate documents, negotiating transactions, offering sound legal advice or litigating disputes, Joe Heimovics has the necessary experience and track record to ensure that all of your legal needs are met.

Being a full service business law firm, there are many different services provided by Joseph B. Heimovics, P.A. that would greatly benefit any variety of companies. The following is a generalized list with a brief description of what is involved:

Corporate and Business Law – Being knowledgeable of the law which governs the transactions between businesses sets Joe Heimovics apart from  other law firms. Joe will keep you well-informed of the rights and responsibilities of your company. A few matters specifically involved with this facet include  contracts, finance, business formations, and employment laws. Learn more »

Mergers and Acquisitions – A good business is always looking for ways to expand into new markets or quite possibly sell its assets. A strategic alliance between companies is an effective way to promote this venture. Joe Heimovics is able to assist you accomplish this task by advising on the benefits and consequences of choosing to go about a merger, acquisition or sale of a business. Learn more »

Commercial Litigation – When there is a dispute with another company regarding money or property, Joe Heimovics can be there to represent your interests in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome.  Whether it’s a dispute over a breach of contract, warranty claim, real estate dispute, construction litigation, covenants not to compete, shareholder disputes, intellectual property or other commercial matter, Joe has experience representing businesses, professionals and other individuals in commercial litigation. Learn more »

Contract Law – Contracts are a regular occurrence in the operation of a successful business. Joe Heimovics is well versed in the interpretation of this aspect of business law. He is able to counsel you when an oral or written agreement, associated with the exchange of goods and services, money, and properties, needs to be written, looked over, or has been breached. Learn more »

Construction Law – When it is time to expand physically, it will be important to conform to the laws governing the construction process. Joe Heimovics can ensure that this phase in your company’s or home’s growth runs smoothly. This may pertain to land acquisition, financing, or any claims that may need to be settled prior to, during or after the completion of a construction project. Learn more »

Real Estate Litigation and Transactions – Joe Heimovics will have your best interest in mind when you need legal counsel to represent your interests in a real estate transaction, whether he is needed to prepare or review a contract, provide legal advice or representing you in litigation, Joe has the background and experience to represent your real estate needs.    Joe is able to provide early evaluations of the risks and benefits associated with a real estate transaction and will keep one step ahead of the game on any disputes. He is also adept in the negotiations of all types of real estate transactions and will ensure that you will get the most advantageous arrangement possible. Learn more »

Banking Law – Another specialization that sets Joseph B. Heimovics, P.A. apart is his knowledge of the laws governing our financial institutions. He  provides legal representation to  banks,  lenders, and commercial lending and finance companies, as well as to business and individual borrowers.  Some of the beneficial services he is able to provide  include preparation of financial and lending documents, commercial and residential foreclosures, commercial leasing  and claims of fraud. Learn more »

Circuit Court Mediation – Keeping cases from going to trial and from becoming the focus of a media circus is a goal that Joe Heimovics realizes is important for many individuals in a dispute who are looking to have a neutral mediator facilitate a settlement. As a Circuit Court Mediator, Joe will help you work with the opposing side to attempt to arrive at a mutual agreement without the costly expense and negative publicity of a long, drawn out lawsuit. Learn more »

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