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Commercial Litigation in Weston

Joseph B. Heimovics is an attorney in Weston, FL with many years of litigation experience. He has represented both individuals and businesses in hundreds of commercial civil lawsuits in South Florida. Joe has extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in all types of disputes, and has personally handled lawsuits and arbitrations  involving businesses, contracts, both residential and commercial construction projects, both residential and commercial real estate transactions, commercial leases, covenants not to compete, mortgage foreclosures, and homeowners association disputes. These are only the broad categories in which Joe has personally represented parties. His expertise in other areas of law such as business and corporate law, real estate law, and banking and financial services law allow him to analyze any situation quickly and thoroughly to determine the best course of action so that you have the best chance of achieving a favorable resolution for your case.

Achieving a Reasonable Solution

Litigation is for many a last resort, but may not be necessary. During his meetings with you, Joe will educate you on the pros and cons of choosing to litigate a dispute, and also will help you to understand other options you may have such as alternative dispute resolution, arbitration or mediation, or a negotiated settlement through discussions with the other party’s attorney. Whenever appropriate and practicable, Joe will attempt to resolve your dispute without the need for litigation, helping you achieve a reasonable solution while saving the expense, time and publicity that can be involved with litigating a dispute. Joe is also a Circuit Civil Mediator, which has given him valuable experience in mediating disputes without the need for litigation. This has given him a unique ability to recognize obstacles that may have prevented a settlement in the past and break down such barriers to reach agreement for you.

Most Efficient Resolution

Joe understands your desire to protect and enforce your rights without breaking the bank and will endeavor to discover the most efficient and cost-effective path to resolution. Joe draws on his countless hours of legal research and expertise in dealing with others to advocate for the best outcome for you. He focuses on developing a rapport through your discussions so that he can understand all aspects of your position and leave no stone unturned. Joe always has your best interest in mind and will make sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case before deciding to proceed and before you make any decisions that could alter the course of your case.


If an appeal becomes necessary, or if you have already been involved in litigation and need to appeal an unfavorable decision, Joe can represent you in those proceedings.  Joe started his legal career as a law clerk for the Hawaii Supreme Court, which is the highest appellate court in the State of Hawaii, and he has since  represented clients in over ten (10) appeals.  With his experience, Joe  can provide you an objective and thorough analysis of your case to understand whether an appeal is likely to have a favorable outcome. He will prepare all necessary documents and legal briefs for the appeal and appear to argue your case. Having represented single and multiple parties in a wide array of types of litigation, Joe is well-positioned to handle your case from the early negotiation stage all the way through trial if a settlement cannot be reached and appeal if necessary.

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