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Construction Law Firm in Weston

Construction in Florida is big business. Over the past twenty years, we have seen significant construction projects pop up all over Florida. Cities have been developed, skylines have been created, and the construction boom has brought in millions of new residents to Florida. Today, construction has slowed down, yet the need for a Florida construction attorney has never been more important.

Who is Involved in a Construction Contract

A construction project starts with an owner and contractor. From there, it can expand to multiple contractors, construction managers, engineers, architects and other professionals. Most construction projects will consist of a written contract between the owner and contractor, but each party added or brought into a project should also be subject to a written contract. Contracts protect each party’s rights and set forth each party’s obligations during the construction project. Everyone concerned has an invested interest in ensuring that their interests are met, whether it’s a homeowner seeking to get a fair deal and pay a reasonable fee to the contractor who is seeking to provide a valuable service while still making a profit.

Benefits of Attorney Involvement

Prudent individuals and businesses will have their Florida construction law attorney involved at the very beginning of the project. He can help draft contracts between parties to protect against delays, defects, workmanship and payment. Each contract will also address future scenarios that may require change orders or other matters that commonly occur in a construction project. In addition to preparing contracts, a Florida construction law attorney will guide their clients on their legal rights and obligations throughout the project. A Florida construction law attorney will also be able to explain technical legal aspects and requirements of the parties, to include Notices of Commencement, Notices of Acceptances, permits, Notices to Owners, liens, bonds and releases.

Benefits of Having a Well-Written Contract

Most construction projects are completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved. In the course of many construction projects, disputes may arise between the parties involved. Most of these disputes are minor and can be resolved by the parties without the need of litigation. Many times, larger disputes are also able to be self-governed and resolved by the parties without litigation. A benefit of having a well written construction contract is that the parties will be able to ascertain their rights. Sometimes, however, a dispute is unavoidable regardless of the language in the contract. While the contract may be clear, each party may interpret the contract to mean something different.


Each year thousands of lawsuits are filed based on disputes between parties on a construction job. These disputes may be between owners/developers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers over product defects, breach of contracts, unpaid fees and property issues. These disputes can slow down or completely stop performance of the construction project and typically could be very costly to everyone involved in the project.
Each party to a Florida construction lawsuit needs to understand that when the dispute is litigated in Court, it could not only be extremely costly, but it could take a significant amount of time. Courts in South Florida are extremely backed up and it could take months to get a hearing on a simple matter, and usually much longer than a year to get to trial.

Avoiding Costly & Time Consuming Litigations

A Florida construction litigation attorney can help bring about a faster and less costly solution to any dispute in a construction project. A Florida construction law litigation attorney not only has the knowledge of the construction laws in the State of Florida, but has experience knowing the likely outcome of cases. All of this information provides valuable guidance to clients in determining the best solutions in moving forward. One of the most important jobs of a Florida construction litigation attorney is to guide his client in finding the best possible resolution at the lowest cost possible. An experienced Florida construction litigation attorney is one of the best assets for anyone involved in a construction project.


Not only is it important that your Florida construction law attorney is a good litigator, but it is also important that he is able to negotiate favorable settlements. Settling a construction dispute out of court may satisfy the needs of each party to protect his rights in the construction project. It enable the parties to resolve the dispute on their own terms, rather through a decision of a judge or jury who have no interest in the project.
Joseph B. Heimovics is an attorney experienced in all aspects of Florida construction law, including litigation. He has an active Florida construction law practice and has served as an attorney for homeowners, developers, associations, general contractors, specialty contractors and construction managers in all types of construction disputes. As a Circuit Court Civil Mediator, Joe also has experience and training in dispute resolution and is a big proponent of resolving disputes without litigation whenever possible.

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