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Mergers & Acquisitions

Joseph B. Heimovics has negotiated the acquisitions and sales of numerous businesses throughout the country. The width and depth of his experience spans a number of business models, acquisition processes, and terms of sales. Throughout the years, he has seen many specifications and details requested in a merger or acquisition and has carefully worked with both sides to meet both sets of needs. His experience and knowledge will greatly benefit your transaction.

Joe’s services stem into multiple areas. He can meet with you to discuss your options in acquiring or selling the subject business, along with business concepts, creating a business plan and the legalities of acquiring or selling the business. He aims to educate each of his clients to the best of his ability in order to avoid potential problems that arise either during or after the transaction. Joe’s experience can also help you structure the best possible merger or acquisition to accomplish any specified goals.

Merger & Acquisition Structures

Any clients requiring creation of a formal business plan in order to secure investment from private investors or banks can also contact Joe. He can discuss potential concepts to expand, develop, and finalize the details and intricacies of the business. Additionally, Joe can help modify the business plan for the resulting business or businesses after a merger or acquisition. Finally, he can discuss any legal details that come with a particular transaction, which can be done prior to a client executing a contract for the purchase or sale of a business. To avoid a situation where a client may want to terminate a transaction after a contract has been entered, Joe aims to ensure that the client’s decision to move forward with the deal is one with security and decisiveness, and only after his client is able to accurately gauge and consider the risks and benefits of the transaction.

Protection from Conflicts & Litigation

As an extra benefit, having a background in commercial litigation, Joe is familiar with the various pitfalls that lead to disputes with the other party and ultimately litigation. He has litigated many disputes over business transactions that have gone bad, many times due to issues that could have been avoided during the acquisition phase. Joe can offer sound legal advice in avoiding such conflicts. He will structure transactions in a way that bypasses common problems with transactions. Joe aims to protect his clients to the best of his ability and to provide his client with a satisfying result.

Wide Range of Services

Joseph B. Heimovics is the perfect legal source to consult about any form of merger, acquisition or sale of a business. His experience and reputation in this field lends a tremendous helping hand for those in need of legal assistance. Joe offers a versatile skill set coupled with a wide range of services that will make your merger, acquisition or sale as smooth as possible. From building thoroughly developed business plans to negotiating merger and acquisition structures, he has a long history of successful transactions and satisfied clients. Contact Joseph B. Heimovics, for a trusted name in mergers, acquisition and sales of businesses.

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