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Real Estate Litigation & Transactions

Real estate litigation and transactions are notoriously complicated and that is why homeowners, lenders, sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants need experienced legal counsel. Joseph B. Heimovics is an experienced real estate practitioner and represents the interests of various clients in both a transactional setting and in litigation. Regardless of whether it is a real estate acquisition, a landlord and tenant issue, or a lending concern, Joe has the valuable experience to assess the situation and provide excellent representation for all clients.

Preparing real estate documents

One of the most important and most challenging parts of real estate work is making sure that all of the appropriate documents are prepared the proper way. Purchase and sale agreements, residential and commercial leases, and other real estate documents power the real estate market and they must be completed properly. In both a residential and commercial setting, Joe will prepare these documents with skill and rigor. Ill-prepared items can lead to litigation and can lead to significant costs for all parties to a real estate transaction. The importance of these documents cannot be overstated and Joe is skilled at preparing them in a way that will benefit his clients.

Negotiation skills

Another essential part of the commercial and residential real estate process is negotiation. Joe can handle this often difficult process for clients who need an experienced real estate attorney negotiate the terms of the deal.. From the initial phone call to get the transaction off the ground until the execution of the contract, Joe will fight for your needs along the way. The real estate world is all about give and take. In most deals, a skilled lawyer can help clients obtain valuable provisions to protect their rights. Joe is dedicated, experienced, and has savvy negotiating skills and puts them to use for his clients from the beginning of the process all the way through the closing.

The (sometimes) difficult process

The real estate process has many pitfalls from the beginning all the way up until the closing. The process is structured and those who want to engage in it must carefully follow the structure to a tee. Any mistake can lead to a holdup in the transactional process and can jeopardizethe deal. Joe recognizes these potential pitfalls and can help you avoid them. His background in commercial litigation affords Joe the ability to guide clients through the troubled waters of the transactional process in an effort to avoid potential disputes. These individual clients end up with a much better result because of the meticulous work that Joe puts in.

Working for efficiency

Likewise, Joe recognizes that in the real estate context, going to court is expensive and while it’s often not the most economical option, it at times is the only option. Many times, had the language in real estate contracts been more clear from the onset, litigation could have been avoided. Though he is ready and willing to provide litigation service for clients, Joe also understands that it may be best to resolve the matter prior to litigation. This saves court costs and keeps the process moving in the right direction. His knowledge of the particular language required by real estate documents is important and it can help make every real estate transaction a easier for his clients. This combination of skills is what allows Joe Heimovics to meet his clients needs.

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